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PlanIt Release Notes

We hope you’re as thrilled as we are because guess what? Your visual planning app, PlanIt, just got several major improvements!

As always, we strive to make collaboration a breeze and boost that productivity meter to a solid 💯.

Let’s dive in:

🎨 Enhanced Category User Experience

Categories are the rings in the circular calendar. Category management or editing, renaming, and reordering categories is now a walk in the park!

📅 Group Calendar Integration

Now Better than Ever! Create Group Calendar (Outlook) events in the main “Create Events” wizard and display them in any category/ring you prefer.

🔗 Link PlanIt Up with Your Team’s existing Microsoft Planner

Connect PlanIt seamlessly with an existing Planner.

Swift Task Management

You can now check off completed tasks directly in PlanIt.

🔑 Shiny New License Management Page

Keeping track of your PlanIt licenses is now as clear as day.

Full release notes log

Sprint 23-2:

ID     Work Item Type    Title


1055   New feature              Instant Duplication: Now Easily Copy Entries

1056   New feature              Expand Your Series: Extend Series with More Entries

1057   New feature             Transform series with Ease: Convert Single Entries to Series

1106   New feature              Added feature to link PlanIt to existing Planner in your Team

1164   New feature              Added Delete Button on Editing Page

1167   New feature              Substantial improved Category/Lane User Experience. Introducing Category Editing and Reordering

1169   New feature              Tailored Display: Checkbox for Annual View on High-Frequency Series

1170   New feature              A Personal Touch: App Now Remembers Your Last Viewing and Filter Choices

1171   New feature              Streamlined Views: Channel Filter Shows Only PlanIt-Installed Channels

1172   New feature              Group Calendar Integration Improvement: Create Group Calendar entries in the main create event wizard.

1173   New feature              Made it easier to delete Group Calendar events


956    Bug               Enhanced Stability: Fixed Mandatory Category Settings

1175   Bug               Fixed Due Date for Task Linked to Event

1176   Bug               Handle Deleted Planner Task in Event View

1186   Bug               Links in Description Now Working Across All Views

Sprint 23-3:

ID     Work Item Type    Title


1107   New feature              Elevate Productivity! Now Add Planner Tasks to Existing Planner Collections

1224   New feature              Smoother User Experience: Continuous Text Flow in Table View

1225   New feature              Introducing Image Support in Descriptions

1226   New feature              Grant Settings Access Beyond Team Leaders

1349   New feature              Changed order of Teams and Channels in Filters

1350   New feature              “Assign Task” is Now Conveniently at the bottom of the Create Event Wizard

1366   New feature              Swift Task Management: Complete Planner Tasks Right from the Annual Wheel

1388   New feature              Implemented a fix to get started more quickly when the annual calendar is empty.

1401   New feature              Introducing a new and improved license management page


1131   Bug               Optimized: Annual Wheel Display Now Enhanced for Small Screens

1223   Bug               No More Oversights: Fixed Preview Outside the Wheel

1390   Bug               Synchronized: Group Calendar Events Now Show in PlanIt QA

1392   Bug               We’ve Perfected Our Typos: Fixed a Typographical Error