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Get ready for 2024

Create a clear and successful 2024 plan with PlanIt circular calendar app for Microsoft Teams, seamlessly integrated with Microsoft Planner and Outlook to make you more productive!

Companies of all sizes and sectors use PlanIt to streamline and structure their year

“It’s a fantastic digital tool for organizing activities at the nursing homes I work at, which is also easy to share with other staff.”

Cindy Myrthle Sire

Lillestrøm Municipality

Give structure to your year to improve control and increase productivity with PlanIt, a native and secure Microsoft Teams year planner app

Get the full picture at a glance

Get an instant overview of all your events, processes, and strategies to be implemented throughout the year with a visual display of annual and monthly activities, events, and meetings. The entire organization is aligned and collaborates towards the same goals and deadlines, making the job easier for everyone.

Get things done with PlanIt and Planner together

PlanIt is seamlessly integrated with Microsoft Planner and Outlook, enabling a holistic and more efficient planning experience. With a couple of clicks, you create Planner tasks from PlanIt, and Planner follows up to ensure these are done in time!

In PlanIt, you have a complete overview of tasks, responsibilities, due dates, and status so that nothing is lost or forgotten and projects will run smoothly.

Make planning a breeze with event series

Set up events series in minutes. You can create a Microsoft Planner series directly for regular recurring events that appear in PlanIt. At the same time, you can assign tasks to the right person, so everyone is in control!

Plan now and start 2024 with a win

Everyone needs structure and control over tasks and events that must be handled throughout the year. PlanIt gives you a clear overview and freedom to tailor your PlanIt annual plan to your needs. Strengthen cooperation throughout the municipality, adjust the start month for your school or educational institution, and keep everyone in the organization informed about HR, marketing, and sales activities. Plan your new year together now!

Create structure and flexibility

Build your circular calendar the way that suits your organization best. Personalize the categories in your PlanIt with colors and names to make it yours. In addition, you can also use filter tags that enable synchronization of your circular calendar across different teams and customize filtering in views.

Be more productive while saving time

Plans in Excel or Word take a long time to create and will get quickly outdated. And good luck finding them again! Save valuable time and bring your plans to life with a dynamic circular calendar that sits in your Microsoft Team! With PlanIt, it only takes a few minutes to build a clear plan for your team.

Plan your year safely

PlanIt processes and stores your data in your Microsoft 365. No data goes out of your Microsoft 365—ensuring complete control and peace of mind while keeping your data accessible at all times.

PlanIt circular calendar app is custom-built for Microsoft Teams, meaning your data always stay in your Microsoft 365 environment (tenant), safe and accessible only to you and those you want to share them with!

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