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Meeting your expectations

Agenda is a strategic meetings management app built for Microsoft Teams and your team.

A Microsoft Teams meeting app for 

Efficient meeting workflows

Get more done with less effort. Enable 365 Agenda helps you streamline your meetings and team workflow. 

Prepare your meetings

Set the tone. Get everyone on the same page before you meet up by generating and sharing your meeting agenda with a simple click.

Engage when needed

Change of plans? No problem. Agenda’s structured meetings allow you to make quick changes in no time. 

Collaborate for better results

Good alone, better together! Agenda’s seamless integration with Microsoft Planner allows your team to get more done during meetings – and after.

“Since using the Agenda app from Enable 365, our team has been noticeably more prepared, engaged, and productive during meetings!”

Torfinn Bøe Henriksen

Chairman, Sola Røde Kors

Redefine meetings, not expectations!

Be more productive during meetings and get time to focus on what’s meaningful for you afterward.


Customized Templates

Save time by creating, using and reusing your own templates for recurring meetings.

Easy Invites

Create a meeting from a channel in your Teams, removing distractions with an exclusive focus on one platform at a time.


Flexible Agenda

Drag-and-drop cases within the timeline or to later meetings to edit the meeting schedule. It updates automatically!

Real-time meeting minutes

Write rich text minutes, including attendance, links, and attachments. Generate them as a branded, shareable .pdf with a click.


Tasks Management

Create and assign tasks from Agenda, and stay in control of your projects with Agenda and Planner.

Searchable Meeting History

All planned or completed meetings are searchable and always at your fingertips. 

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Plan effective, distraction-free meetings and capture action items for easy follow-up, coordination, and sharing.

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