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Circular calendar in Teams for schools and educational institutions

Plan your school/academic year efficiently and clearly with PlanIt, an app for Microsoft Teams.

PlanIt circular calendar is purpose-built for Microsoft Teams, so your data never leaves your Microsoft 365 environment (tenant). That means your data is safe and accessible to you and those you want to share with!

PlanIt year planner Teams app for schools and educational institutions

PlanIt circular calendar visually represents annual, monthly, and weekly activities.

Plan for both the school, grades, and classes.

The PlanIt app offers flexible categories and filters, perfect for staff planning and as a test and activity calendar for classes or grades.

Make your school year smooth and clear! Select the start month for the year view, which allows you to see the entire school year without changing the calendar year.

Avoid conflicts between tests and assignments from different subjects – get a better overview and control and, not least, get students to become more independent by giving them an overview of events across Teams in the different subjects.

Planning for the whole school!

PlanIt works as a communication calendar and integrates seamlessly with Microsoft Planner and Outlook. Thus, you can ensure that the events from the circular calendar appear in the calendars of those who are concerned with them while at the same time ensuring that tasks related to the events are assigned to the right person through the Planner integration.

Create a common circular calendar for the school where you use filters or channels to let the grades have their views while having a common view that provides the total overview of everything from exams to project work and activity days.

For example, when you enter the ski day in the circular calendar, you can simultaneously create all the small tasks that “someone” needs to remember in order for the day to be a success. Let someone be responsible for booking buses, sending information letters to parents, and setting up a schedule for the teachers. Set deadlines and let the Planner follow up to ensure that the tasks are completed within the deadline by those who have been assigned them.

Give your students the complete overview!

With configurable categories and paths, including color schemes, you can customize the circular calendar to suit your needs and those of your students. The circular calendar allows you to create a dynamic overview based on data from several different subject teams so that students have a complete picture of important deadlines and events. Use it as a subject plan, test calendar, or for managing school activities – the choice is yours!

The circular calendar can be displayed as a wheel, a list, or a table – and, of course, it is mobile-friendly, so you can plan and keep track of important events wherever you are!

Keep the school/academic year under control

Everyone needs structure and an overview of tasks and events that must be handled throughout the year. PlanIt gives you an overview, control, and freedom to tailor the circular calendar to your needs. Strengthen cooperation in the municipality, adapt the start-up month for your school or educational institution, keep everyone in the company informed about what is going on at all times. Plan the new year together now!

Create structure and flexibility

Build your circular calendar in a way that suits your educational institute. Choose the name and order of the categories (rings) in your circular calendar. In addition, you can also use filter tags that make it possible to have several circular calendars in the same team. You can also sync PlanIt across different teams and customize views with different filters and dimensions.

Be more productive while saving time.

Plans in Excel or Word take a long time to create and will get quickly outdated. And good luck finding them again! Save valuable time and bring your plans to life with a dynamic circular calendar that sits in your Microsoft Team!
In PlanIt, it only takes a few minutes to build a clear plan for your team.

Plan your year with security

PlanIt processes and stores your data in your Microsoft 365. No data goes out of your Microsoft 365—ensuring complete control and peace of mind while keeping your data accessible.

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